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Why I am a Republican

OP-ED By: David Alvord

OP-ED By: David Alvord

Salt Lake County Councilman David Alvord represents Salt Lake County's west side in District 2.

My name is Dave Alvord. Earlier this year, I was elected “majority leader” of the Salt Lake County Republican Caucus. At the county government, we still maintain a slim 5-4 majority of the council. Our caucus members include myself, Sheldon Stewart, Dea Theodore, Laurie Stringham, and Aimee Winder Newton.  

The other day, someone asked me if the members of our caucus are even friends since we have been known to disagree. I told them, we’re not friends, we’re family! Ha ha, I might have stolen that line from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Like family, we have our occasional differences, but I am happy to report that we have come together this year to work on some significant conservative accomplishments. If you think about it, this whole audience is a member of a big Republican family. I am sure that there are people here who don’t perfectly agree!  It can be hard to be a member of a family. Sometimes, there have been Republicans who, for one reason or another,  have let us down. But in spite of that, we have all come together today because we have chosen to stick with the party.  

Let me tell you why I have chosen to stick with the party and more than just stick around, I am actually proud to be a Republican: 

First – Our party takes to heart the declaration that all men and women are created equal and deserve equality before the law. We believe policies should not be based on race or any other immutable characteristics -immutable means “a characteristic beyond the power of an individual to change.”  So it stands to reason that we not make laws based on any innate characteristics. After all, we agree with Martin Luther King when he said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I am proud that this year, 2023, we are going to change policy in Salt Lake County so that we treat all people equally.  

Second – Republicans revere the flag. Studies have shown that if independent voters are exposed to the American Flag on their way to vote, they are more likely to vote Republican. I believe this is because the flag reminds people that our party more firmly believes in the principles it stands for. The flag stands as a powerful reminder of our liberties, provided to us by God’s grace and the sacrifice of those who fought for our nation. I am proud that our council took corrective action against a Democrat District Attorney who wanted to use government poles for a flag other than the stars and stripes on public buildings. As long as Republicans hold the majority at Salt Lake County, we will continue to revere the flag of the United States.  

Third – Republicans believe in helping the poor by empowering the people. An effective way to do this is by cutting taxes, thereby returning hard-earned money to the taxpayer. Tax cuts are specifically called for in our party platform.  Because the food tax disproportionately impacts the poor, reducing the tax on unprepared food will provide immediate relief.  I am proud of the State legislature for making the State food tax cut a priority. Cutting the county portion on the food tax is a priority for your county Republican leaders as well.  

Fourth – We Republicans uphold the second amendment. I take pride in our real efforts to battle the county democrats on restricting gun rights at our county facilities. We pledge to continue to support your right to bear arms.  

Fifth and Finally  – Republicans acknowledge God’s hand in the creation and guiding of our nation. We simultaneously affirm the right of all to worship in the manner of their choosing. I have attended the Republican national convention, and while there, I heard many religious prayers and offerings. I am proud that our party acknowledged the importance of asking for God’s help. As you consider all the problems we are facing, never have Americans needed more help and guidance from the Almighty than we do now. Earlier this year, we met as a Republican caucus and asked for God’s guidance in establishing our priorities for the year. As a result, we came out of that meeting with a solid strategic plan – a few of which you have heard about this morning. We, your Republican family, Dave, Dea, Laurie, Sheldon, and Aimee, would appreciate your prayers as we do our best to serve you.  

Thank you! 

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1 thought on “Why I am a Republican”

  1. There are a lot of good reasons to be a Republican. Without the Republicans, the Dems would have already burned it all down.

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