Statement from the Chair – County Mask Mandate

SLCoGOP Chair Chris Null’s statement in support of the SL Co. Council members to overturn the mask mandate imposed by the SL Co. Health Dept. on Jan 7th.

If you agree with Chair Chris Null, please share your support and encourage yOur Salt Lake County Council member to overturn the government mask mandate. The vote will take place on Thursday, Jan 13th. 

Salt Lake County Council Representatives:
David Alvord
(385) 468-7455

Jim Bradley
(385) 468-7453

Arlyn Bradshaw
(385) 468-7454

Ann Granato
(385) 468-7457

Steve DeBry
(385) 468-7458

Aimee Winder Newton
(385) 468-7456

Richard Snelgrove
(385) 468-7452

Laurie Stringham
(385) 468-7451

Dea Theodore
(385) 468-7459
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