SLCoGOP Election Integrity Report

In May of 2021, the Salt Lake County GOP formed an Election Integrity Committee to evaluate Salt Lake County’s voting system to determine what, if any, improvements can be made. The Committee is an all-volunteer committee with a variety of backgrounds (legal, engineering, information technology, statistics, banking/finance, and retail management). Our observations and suggestions are based on the data we were able to collect through employee interviews, site visits, tours of voting facilities, GRAMA requests, attending logic and accuracy tests, and more. This final version of the Report has been voted on and approved by the Committee and is available to the public.
Over the years, the major political parties have questioned certain election results, leading to allegations and suspicion of faulty election systems and practices. Whether it is the 2000 election between Bush and Gore, the 2016 election between Clinton and Trump, the 2020 election between Biden and Trump, or others, voters and candidates have been left disenfranchised, with many unanswered questions.
The Committee believes that informed voters, participating in a transparent election process, will have greater confidence in election results. If and when questions arise regarding the outcome of certain races, the participating voter is there to support the election system, its processes, and thereby, the outcome.
The Committee hopes voters and lawmakers will find the following information helpful in their voting actions, thoughtful discussions, and potential policy changes regarding safe elections in Salt Lake County and across Utah.
Information in this Report was utilized by Legislators during the 2022 Legislative Session as they engaged in determining better election policy and statute.

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