Sep 13 – Letter to SLCo Clerk – Still No Response

I sent the following letter to the SLCo Clerk, Sherrie Swensen, and Mayor Jenny Wilson on Sep 13th, 2022. I have yet to receive a response. This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. The Clerks office is responsible for counting the votes of all SLCo voters even the ones they disagree with politically. When an employee is posting this kind of comment during work hours, how can we trust that they will properly execute their job without bias? Yet another reason it’s time for Goud for SLCo Clerk!

– Chris Null, Chairand 

Dear Mayor Wilson and Ms. Swensen,

It appears that Ms. Amy Pitt, an employee of the County Clerk’s office, is engaging in political activity during her workday.  If so, I believe she is in violation of county code section 2.07.401(a)(5). 

This is a formal complaint with a request for an investigation and appropriate discipline. 

I also will be filing a companion GRAMA request asking for copies of all of her social media posts during the workday on her government computer and phone (if she has one).  My request will also include her private electronic devices.  Some of her online postings are during work hours, therefore, one can assume her online actions were/are official duty related to her employment, regardless of the electronic device used.    

If Ms. Pitt is engaging in political activity while at work, this is a major violation of the trust that taxpayers place in our government. 

I am also interested to know what controls you have in place to ensure that County employees are not engaging in political activity during working hours. 

Amy Pitt‘s Facebook comments during working hours on 9/12/22:

  • On September 12, 2022, the Salt Lake County GOP posted a video by GOUD. That video is available here: On the same day, GOUD shared the video on his own Facebook profile. Before 11:22 am, Amy Pitt posted two comments to the video. We know her posts were before 11:22 am because GOUD took a screenshot, which is below, at 11:22 am. 
  • GOUD responded to her post with the following: 
    • (1) Please see the analysis in Section 13 of this report. Once you have read it, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 
    • (2) Also, it looks like you are a County employee. If so, please take a look at county code section 2.07.401(a)(5). I am not sure you are complying with the prohibition on county employees engaging in political activity during the hours of employment. 
  • In what appears to be an admission that she was in violation of 2.07.401(a)(5), Amy Pitt deleted her comments after GOUD responded to her.

This is not the first time that Amy Pitt has posted about partisan political activity during working hours:

There are multiple tweets that Ms. Pitt has posted about partisan political activities during working hours. Many of them are about the race for County Clerk.  

Amy Pitt‘s Letters to the Editor:

During this race, Amy Pitt published two letters to the editor about the County Clerk’s race, one on September 4, 2022, and one on August 2, 2022.  Given the fact that Ms. Pitt engages in political activity while at work, what controls are in place to ensure that she did not work on these letters during working hours?

Amy Pitt‘s Facebook Bio:

Ms. Pitt‘s bio includes that she works for Salt Lake County. A quick google search makes it clear that she works for the County Clerk’s office, which makes it appear like she is speaking on behalf of the County Clerk. I also request that you ask Mr. Pitt to remove her employment from her social media bios and include a disclaimer that their views and comments are her own and do not represent her employer.

Amy Pitt‘s disturbing public comments:

Another issue I want to highlight is that she posted on the Salt Lake Tribune, in response to an op-ed written by GOUD, that he is “pandering to MAGA scum.” These types of comments are inappropriate and disturbing and lack the decorum that taxpayers expect from government employees that have to serve everyone regardless of their politics. 

I look forward to your prompt response and a full investigation into what appears to be Ms. Pitt‘s political activities during working hours.  

Chris Null 
Salt Lake County Republican Party, Chair 

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