SLCo State Central Committee Members

The State Central Committee (SCC) is the party’s governing body. The (SCC) has representatives from every county in Utah. Along with the automatic members, each county chair and vice-chair, counties are allocated representatives based on the number of voting Republicans in that county. These representatives are voted in by each county’s central committee which in turn is made up of precinct chairs and vice chairs elected at neighborhood caucuses. Details about the rules and role of the SCC are detailed in Section 2.0 of the Utah GOP Bylaws.

Salt Lake County holds the most SCC seats 30 elected,  plus our county party chair and county party vice-chair for a total of 32 seats. 

Additional information such as a complete state roster, attendance and roll call votes from SCC Meetings can be found here. Scheduled SCC meetings can be found on the SLCoGOP Calendar.

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