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Salt Lake County Council rescinds a discriminatory ordinance

BY: Christie Morgan 

SLCo Council 2023

The Salt Lake County Council rescinded a discriminatory ordinance that gave women and minority businesses an advantage when bidding for county contracts.  

Council Chair Aimee Winder Newton proposed the change after the council voted to enact this policy five years ago. She was a “no” vote then and was grateful to have the support of all five Republicans to overturn the policy today. 

“As we spend taxpayer dollars we should be looking at who can perform the best service for the lowest price. Gender and race should never be the deciding factor as we choose who to do business with,” said Winder Newton. “Institutionalizing the discriminatory practice of treating some business owners better or worse than others purely by virtue of their skin color or gender is fundamentally wrong. It is unfair to all business owners who work hard and want nothing more than a fair shot at success.” 

The Salt Lake County Council previously made a significant commitment to increase opportunities for small businesses in other ways. One way is through a program called The Salt Lake Small Business CO-OP and Initiative, which was funded with ARPA dollars. The goal of this program is to connect businesses with resources that increase resiliency, revenue, and jobs.  

“We believe in equal opportunities for all, not necessarily equal outcomes,” said Winder Newton. “We are helping our small businesses through mentoring, increasing access to capital, and helping them with the skills they need. But giving preference points in a bid process is not the best way to help them.” 

The Republican County Council members are: Aimee Winder Newton, David Alvord, Dea Theodore, Laurie Stringham, and Sheldon Stewart. 

1 thought on “Salt Lake County Council rescinds discriminatory ordinance”

  1. There is a seldom used term – ‘reverse discrimination’ – which applies to the law rescinded here. Either everyone is provided with equal opportunity or they are not. Clearly here we were not provided with a law that did anything like that. This kind of discrimination must be quashed at every level, especially when the issue of the judicious use of public funds is concerned. Bravo conservative members of the SL County council. Up with equality, down with equity!!

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