Message - March 7th 2023

Dear Elected Officials,
Thanks for all your hard work on this 2023 Legislative session. I wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible regarding SLCoGOP Organizing Convention. 
  1. Booths – Some of you have asked for booths. You can do one of the following:
    1. Paid booth – You will have a booth for Friday and Saturday’s Meet and Greet. 
    2. Free booth – After the convention only!
      • NOTE: You are responsible for informing the delegates to come to the booth in advance. We won’t be able to announce this in case your schedule doesn’t allow you to stay. 
  2. Delegate lists – Access to your delegate lists is always available when you log in to our webpage under “Candidate Hub.” Accessed via desktop computer only, not smartphones. 
    • If you happen to have login issues, please try to recover your password first. If you need more help, please email
  3. Ex-Officio – As an elected Republican official who lives within the boundaries of the SLCo, you are an Ex-Officio delegate for this 2023 Salt Lake County GOP Organizing Convention. Please attend and make your voice heard. 
  4. Snacks at the convention – We have the College and Young Republicans selling snacks and drinks at the convention to fund their yearly enrollment campaign. In the morning, they will sell fruit, muffins, and beverages.  As lunch approaches, they will have slices of pizza for sale.
    • Delegate Gratitude Opportunity – One legislator reached out with a great idea that we wanted to share with the group. If you would like to create and hand out coupons to your county delegates to cover a slice of pizza and a drink, the CRs and YRs could take that as a form of payment and then Venmo request your campaign afterward. This would be a fun way to say thank you to your delegates in a non-election year and help fundraise for the great efforts that our Young Republicans are making. Please let Mackey Smith(TEXT 818-565-9335) know if you are interested, and he can get you the needed information.

Carma(Secretary), Mackey(Vice-Chair), and I are all unopposed in our races. Either we are the only ones crazy enough to consider doing this job, or we are so good that we scared everyone else away. I’m sure it’s probably the former. Either way, we are very excited to work with you all for the next two years. We expect 2024 will be eventful, with many races at all levels. After the convention, we will meet officially as officers and begin our planning sessions. If you have any thoughts or ideas that can positively impact the party and help win races, please share them with us. We are always looking for ways to improve. 


Chris Null 
Salt Lake County Republican Party, Chair 

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