Letter: Contrary to Tribune’s liberal activist, Utah’s caucus and convention system is a pillar of pride

Skyler Beltran, the Chair of Utah County GOP articulated the value and importance of our caucus and convention system in response to the woke SLTrib op-ed from Robert Gehrke. Thank you Skyler!

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Additional comments from Chris Null, Salt Lake County GOP Chair

I want to remind Utah and Salt Lake County Republicans that we are an all-volunteer, private organization. We are the anti-ruling class. Not controlled, obviously not even supported, by Media. The Party’s “caucus and convention system” that is the only approved way in our governing documents to be nominated by the party, is the best option for Joe citizens to run for office without $Millions in the bank.

The SB54 signature path crowd (aka, CMV) was established, created, and promoted by the ruling class. It is power and messaging through money. The woke local and national media heavily promote them. They are not interested in yOur freedoms. Quality of living is not their goal. They are not tolerant, except when it’s convenient.

Excerpt Skyler’s response… “Our Utah system fosters a process where everyday people have the opportunity to run for offices that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Instead, the system allows candidates to focus on and reach out to a more manageable number of people who have been entrusted by their neighbors to represent them. Delegates are core to the process.”

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