Salt Lake County GOP**Flag Showdown – Old vs. New!**Salt Lake County GOP

Buy a flag pin, and your name will be entered to win a rifle!

Howdy, Utah folks! Gather ’round for a rootin’ tootin’ flag show down, courtesy of the Salt Lake County Republican Party! We’ve got a pair of mighty fine Rifles waitin’ for ya.

Buy a emoji-timeline flag pin and your name will be entered to win a Henry Rifle

– OR – 

Buy a Image pin and you will be entered to win a Diamond Black AR15

  • When you snag your flag pin, you’re castin’ a vote for your favored flag – no need for fancy words!
  • Dollars raised? They fuel our party – signs, bills, the whole shebang!
  • Just $20/flag pin is a chance to win. Rifles could rightly be yours – the drawing is on September 15th @ 7:30PM at our Constitution Day Picnic. (No need to be present to win)
  • Keep an eye out for signs and party buzz. It’s all ’bout fun and flashin’ them flags!
  • Now, remember, this here’s all ’bout fun and backin’ the party. Grab them pins and let the flag showdown commence! Yeehaw!

Repeal Senate Bill 31


Support the Referendum to restore Utah’s State Flag
Henry Gold Eagle Silver Leaver Action 22 LR.
and a Traditional Utah State Flag

Click for Specs

Support Utahs new Flag

Support the New Utah Flag
Diamond Back Firearms, DB15, Semi-automatic Rifle, AR, 223
and a New Utah State Flag

Click for Specs

A few rules:

  1. You can give your pin away but only the buyers name will be entered into the drawing.
  2. You are not required to be present at the Constitution Day Picnic for the drawing on September 15th to win. Location: Wheadon Farm Park. 
  3. Purchaser must be 18 or older and able to pass a background check to receive the rifle. 
  4. The rifle is non-transferable for this fundraiser. If you are drawn and cannot pass the background check, the runner-up will be awarded the opportunity to apply for the background check and win the rifle. If neither party passes the background check, we will hold a new raffle for Lincoln Day Dinner In January. 
  5. Salt Lake County Republican Party Officers and immediate are not eligible to participate. 
  6. The Salt Lake County Republican Officers will resolve all disputes, and the decision will be final.
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