Federal Campaign Resources

Welcome to the SLCoGOP Campaign Resources page.

NOTE: All data provided by the party is for the 2022 campaign season only. All 2022 candidates using this data agree to delete the data after their campaigns are over, regardless of the outcome. Please be respectful to the Precinct Officers who’s information is provided.  DO NOT sell this data and please avoid spamming.  We want precinct officers to have a positive experience.  Misuse or abuse of this data may result in future access being denied.

2018-2021 Precinct Officers

With the new redistricting, the SLCo Clerk will update their maps and provide the new precincts and districts in Mid-January. We will provide this update as soon as possible. Be aware that all of this data will be updated again, when new precinct officers and delegates are elected at the March 8th 2022 Caucus. 

Be aware:

  • Data is based on the 2011-2021 districts
  • Abnormally high number of vacancies due to COVID
  • Delegate contact information will be made available shortly after caucus, March 8th 2022
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