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Message from CD2 Convention Nominee Celeste Maloy

Picture of Celeste Maloy

Celeste Maloy

Republican Party Convention Winner and Endorsed Candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District.

My name is Celeste Maloy, and I am thrilled to be the Utah Republican nominee for Congress in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. My story reflects the American Dream. I grew up in a single-wide trailer and worked hard from a young age.  I went to Southern Utah University on an FFA scholarship. After graduating with a degree in Agriculture, I started my career in Beaver, Utah as a soil specialist for the Dept. of Agriculture. I then went to Law School at BYU and have since served as Deputy County Attorney for Washington County, Public Lands Attorney for Utah Association of Counties, and Attorney for Washington County Water Conservancy District. Most recently, I have served as Legal Counsel for Congressman Chris Stewart, and have received his endorsement in this race.

With an extensive background in natural resources, I am uniquely qualified to represent the vast CD2. We need Utah to have more control over our own resources. Unfortunately, the federal government is far too involved in the day-to-day decisions of Utahns. Our farmers and ranchers care about protecting and preserving our lands and natural resources while providing food and economic building blocks for our state. Our local governments care more about smart development and growth than federal bureaucrats. We know better than the federal government how to best manage our resources, and I will work in Congress to put the decision-making power back in the hands of my constituents. You may not live in a rural area, but the lessons I learned working in natural resources policy apply to all of the federal overreach issues Utah is dealing with.

I am a life-long Republican and am pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment, and pro-work. I know that federal agencies are more involved in our day-to-lives than was ever intended in our constitution, and I will work to cut back these agencies to their original statutory responsibilities through in their funding. The legislative branch controls purse-strings. Congress needs to use the power of the purse to reign in executive branch agencies and limit their spending.

As I prepare to win the election and serve in Congress, I thought it might be worth your while to know which committees I would like to serve on when I get there. The first is Natural Resources, as that is a natural fit for my expertise ans so important in our dostrict. The second is House Armed Services. Our district has several military installations that provide jobs for constituents as well as industry partners in the state. Having a Utahn on this committee is key to those partnerships as well as keeping our military strong and supported.

My work with Congressman Stewart these last 4 years has given me valuable insight and experience that cannot be overstated. I’ve learned how Congress works. I’ve staffed Mr. Stewart on the Interior Appropriations sub-committee, which has taught me not only how to control the purse strings through funding, and even more importantly – defunding.  I have been able to work on community project funding, making sure that needed projects in Utah get the federal support they need. Throughout the last couple of years, I have worked on water systems and transportation projects in local communities that would never be able to solve these issues without federal help.  These are the types of things that the federal government should focus on, rather than adding to large bureaucracies that burden our families, land, and business owners. I am ready and prepared to represent Utah. I have worked on and written bills, and helped constituents solve problems. Right now, the 2nd district is electing someone to start in the middle of a Congress, and I am already part way up that steep learning curve. I am ready to go on day one.

This special election has operated on a tight time frame. The delegates stepped up to the plate; they came to my cottage meetings, they took my phone calls, they asked questions, and then they showed up in Delta, Utah on a beautiful summer day and voted. I am honored to have come out of that Utah Republican Convention as your nominee. Earning the votes of the delegates has been both thrilling and humbling. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to vote in the Sept. 5 primary election.

3 thoughts on “Message from CD2 Convention Endorsed Candidate Celeste Maloy”

  1. I know we all get a bit sloppy with texts and emails lately; however, may I suggest that you check your spelling before you send out important message.

  2. Craig kay Tassainer

    Why are you so opposed to receiving Federal Money? If I understand correctly in your message, you worked for a federal agency. Did you also receive federal money for your education? Utah is one of the largest takers of Federal dollars per resident. Say what you need to say, you just lost my vote.

    1. Mice die in mousetraps because of the promise of free cheese. Becoming too dependent on Federal money leads to entitlement and selfishness. I am a retired soldier of 32 years and wouldn’t want Utah to go down a path of more and more federal handouts. We never used to need them. Utah’s economy must not become too reliant on other people’s tax dollars or else . . . . we will become that mouse in the trap. This is what Celeste is saying. Bravi.

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