Who do you know that would want to be responsible for 1.25 Million People?

(The Daily Dish) Today we have Nick Roberts, a 45-year public servant who is running for Salt Lake County Sheriff. This race involves all the cities and citizens of Salt Lake County, a total of 1.25 Million people! Nick is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and running on the Republican ticket. He is a conservative and believes in the Constitution Utah as well as the Constitution of the United States.

Let’s take a look at what Nicea and Nick had a chance to talk about!

Nick feels that one of the main problems facing the Sheriff’s office is the Salt Lake County Jail and he has vowed to end No Cash Bail for criminals due to his feelings that it allows repeat offenders to be back on the streets within hours after arrest. 

If Nick is elected, he would also like to change the way the Sheriff’s office interacts with the public. Specifically in the way of communication. He feels that because The Sheriff’s Office is a department that is elected by the people, The Public has a right to know what is going on in the Sheriff’s Office.

Many have the opinion that officers are currently kept out of the loop and information has not been transparent and people have not been forthcoming. Also, there are concerns that there is no communication with Command Staff other than notes from staff meetings.

If Nick Roberts is elected, he will ensure that steps are taken in all of these areas to make progress.

If you would like to learn more about Nick Roberts, visit his website, follow him on Facebook or give him a call at (385) 202-6455.

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