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Proposed Rules of the Salt Lake County Republican Party

June 18, 2015

Elections for Bylaws Committee


Section 1          Purpose

     1.1        To elect the seven (7) members who will serve on the Bylaws Committee.

Section 2          Qualifications and Credentials

     2.1        All persons standing for election to the Bylaws Committee shall be registered Republican and shall reside within Salt Lake County.

     2.2        Party Officers may not serve on the Bylaws Committee.

     2.3        Candidates do not need be a member of the Central Committee.

     2.4        Only qualified members of the County Party Central Committee may be credentialed and vote in this election.

Section 3          General Rules

     3.1        For these elections a quorum shall be a majority of credentialed Central Committee Members.

     3.2        Only credentialed members may speak to the business of these elections.  The Chair may recognize anyone to address the members during the elections.

     3.3        The Party shall not give any candidate exclusive information or privileges prior to or during these elections.

     3.4        Candidates shall be nominated from the floor and may nominate themselves.

     3.5        Ballot and speaking order will be determined by a random draw of the alphabet held at the June 11, 2015 Executive Committee meeting.  That order is:  I,O,H,M,P,Y,X,G,T,W,K,E,D,L,J,U,R,F,N,S,A,Z,V,Q,C,B

     3.6        Candidates for the Bylaws Committee shall have 2 minutes for speeches.  This time is inclusive of all presentations by or on the candidate’s behalf. Should multiple rounds be required, each remaining candidate shall be given 1 minute for speech and presentation.

Section 4          Elections and Balloting

     4.1        Voting shall be done using electronic balloting as proposed by the Elections Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.

     4.2        Members of the bylaws committee shall be elected by majority vote in a single or multiple round committee-style election, as necessary, to obtain a majority vote for each member. Should one or more positions not be filled by a majority, only those candidates from the previous ballot not yet receiving a majority, minus the candidate(s) with the lowest vote total, shall advance to multiple ballots until all seven (7) positions are filled.

     4.3        Under a proviso of the current Bylaws the terms of office shall be as follows: The four (4) members elected with the highest vote total shall serve two (2) years.  The remaining three (3) members elected shall serve for one (1) year.

      4.4        The Elections Chair shall explain the process of voting and the security of the system before balloting begins.

  1. A test ballot may be run.
  2. Polling locations will be available to those without a personal device.
  3. A Help Desk shall be made available for electronic voting questions.
  4. A secure Elections Room shall be established

     4.5        Polls shall open and close as officially announced by the acting Chair.

     4.6        Each candidate shall be allowed one (1) poll watcher in the elections room.  Any challenges to the voting process must be brought to the Chair before results are announced.

     4.7        While results are being tallied, the Central Committee may handle other agenda matters and return to the Election as necessary.

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Click on this link to download a copy of the  Proposed Election Rules 6-18-2015