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The Salt Lake County Republican Party exists to help get dedicated Republicans elected to office within Salt Lake County. We want this website to be a source of information and support to achieve that primary goal. If you have any questions or suggestions as to how to make this website better, please send us an email at webmaster@slcogop.com.

The 2015 Organizing Convention has just ended and here are the results:

In the first round of voting:

Chair:     Suzanne Mulet received 515 votes for 49%

           Jim Whited received 79 votes for 7.5%

            Dale Ash received 457 votes for 43.5%

(no 50%+ winner so a second round of voting was held).

Vice Chair:   Scott Miller received 674 votes for 62.5% ** winner

         Claus Nielsen received 404 votes for 37.5%

Secretary:      Ben Soholt ran unapposed  **  winner

Treasurer:     Roy Harris received 566 votes for 52.4% **  winner

          Melvin Nimer received 515 votes for 47.6%

In the second round of voting for Chair:

                       Suzanne Mulet received 479 votes for 58%  **  winner

Dale Ash received 349 votes for 42%

Here are the official tally totals for all races:

All-Results.pdf View Fullscreen

Per our rules the chair and vice chair are automatically members of the State Central Committee, and since they both also received enough votes in the SCC voting, then the next two highest vote getters will move up the list and be members of the SCC from Salt Lake County – numbers 31 and 32.